APankaj Dhiman

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

I came to Smith MBA because of the impressive resources dedicated to student development, including career, team, and executive coaching. Besides being one of Canada's most esteemed institutions, Smith's team-based learning reflects today's business world and its challenges. The faculty's dedication to bringing out the best of students at Smith is remarkable. With a smaller, inclusive cohort, Smith fosters ample networking opportunities, facilitating the establishment of trustworthy relationships critical for professional growth.

Reflecting on my experience, I regret not taking advantage of Smith's pre-MBA courses at the outset. While managing the workload, an early start would have eased the transition into the classroom and student life. Incoming applicants should recognize the demanding standard of the Smith MBA, particularly in the initial months. During its one-year duration, the program accelerates learning and presents challenges at every stage. Effective time management and networking with alumni to learn about authentic team-based learning experiences are essential.

My goal at Smith is to shift from an engineering background to a consultancy role in the industry. Coupling my technical expertise with the enhanced communication and leadership skills cultivated at Smith creates a comprehensive skill set beneficial for myself and the companies I engage with.

  • Hometown: New Delhi
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Prior Industry: Engineering
  • Career Focus: Consulting
APankaj Dhiman

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