AJas Baweja

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

I work in communications, and my work experience lies primarily in public relations. Public relations and marketing are essentially two sides of the same coin: corporate communications, so I’m pursuing an MBA to learn more about the marketing/advertising side of business, become more well-rounded, and individually contribute to advancing the communications sector.

Smith School of Business is a prestigious institution located in a terrific city. Coupled with the benefits of the Career Advancement Centre, access to professional coaching and team-based learning environment, it was an easy selection for me.

All the schools that accepted me had one thing in common – they wanted to get to know the real me, beyond my resume and grades. We all have wins that we don’t seem to give ourselves enough credit for. We think they might not be a big deal to others so we don’t talk about them much, but we know how hard we worked to achieve them. My unsolicited advice for future applicants is to think back on those wins. Don’t forget about them. Instead, highlight them in your application. They made you who you are today. My bet is that you have a lot of reasons to be really proud of yourself, and all those people that are most important to you are really proud of you as well.

  • Hometown: Vancouver, BC
  • Country of Origin: Hong Kong
  • Prior Industry: Corporate Communications
  • Career Focus: Corporate Communications
AJas Baweja

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