AChristopher Rambihar

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

I chose the Smith MBA after an extensive decision-making process that involved researching and comparing multiple programs. What stood out about the Smith MBA experience was its perfect blend of experiential learning opportunities, collaborative community, and excellent reputation. The emphasis on a tight-knit cohort, diverse perspectives, and a supportive career services network really stood out to me.

One valuable tip for applicants is to leverage informational interviews and connect with current students and alumni to gain authentic insights into the Smith MBA experience. Everyone I reached out to during my application process was extremely friendly and seemed genuinely interested in my success. My MBA journey at Smith is not just about acquiring academic knowledge but also about developing a holistic skill set and building lasting relationships. The personalized career support and exposure to industry leaders will undoubtedly contribute to my professional growth. Looking back, I would advise myself to trust the program's ability to deliver beyond expectations.

  • Hometown: Scarborough, Ontario
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Prior Industry: Manufacturing
  • Career Focus: Consulting
AChristopher Rambihar

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