ATrikunj Sharma

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

Three main reasons. Firstly, this was one of two 1-year programs I was considering. While working with the application advisor, I genuinely felt a connection to the school through the MBA program administration as they added a personal touch to every interaction. The strict one-year program certainly helps you get back into the industry and hit the ground running with the newly acquired skills.

Secondly, Smith focuses heavily on team-based learning. All MBA students are placed into a team we work with for the first six months. Not having an option of who we pick to be our teammate simulates real-world scenarios where we will have to work with and relate to new people. This process helps you understand how to work with the culturally and professionally diverse cohort Smith has to offer. Apart from this, Smith also relies on case and experiential learning, which is one of the best ways to learn and apply your knowledge. The balance of lecture and case-based pedagogy is an effective one.

Finally, at Smith, we are given access to various coaches who help with our individual professional development and work with us to create a high-performance team.

If I could tell myself some advice one year ago, I would tell myself to (continue to) make the most of the opportunities given to me at work. The length of work experience is essential, but the impact your work has on your organization is even more critical.

My goal with this MBA is to raise the “glass ceiling,” gain the business acumen required to transition into a more managerial role and transition into the exciting world of consulting.

  • Hometown: Oakville, Ontario
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Prior Industry: Manufacturing
  • Career Focus: Consulting
ATrikunj Sharma

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