APaulo Schlindwein

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

It is the prerequisite for my personal and professional goals. My decision to select the Smith MBA was mainly because of its solid reputation and tradition, aligned with the team-based learning approach. Every day, I am able to learn and engage with my team, classmates and faculty through different learning methods such as case studies and simulations. The one-year duration, robust curriculum, several options for study exchange and broad opportunities for specializations were also critical factors. Lastly, the class size of 88 students brings us closer to each other and allows us to make strong connections that will remain in the future.

The advice that I would provide to a future applicant would be to reach out to the admission team, current students, and alumni. Those people would be able to assess your previous experience, share day-to-day life expectations during the program, and advise you about the vast possibilities and potential that you can achieve in the future. You will notice the unique and friendly approach that makes the Smith MBA different than others. You should also join clubs and events and show how you would add value to the Smith community.

Throughout the MBA program at Smith, I want to leverage my self-awareness, communications and leadership skills. Additionally, the Management Consulting Project and participation in clubs will help me acquire some practical experience and connect with leaders in various fields.

I believe that the experiences listed above, combined with the development of a network, will be invaluable for my aspirations in the Risk Management industry.

  • Hometown: Blumenau
  • Country of Origin: Brazil
  • Prior Industry: Finance/Risk Management
  • Career Focus: Risk Management
APaulo Schlindwein

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