AAndrew Pinheiro

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

The Smith MBA is designed with career professionals in mind. The 12-month program is ideal for those highly passionate about what they do and those who want to develop their talents quickly. I also found the January start date ideal, allowing for a smooth transition from my previous role. 

The ultimate factor that led me to choose Smith was the personable experience during application. Each interaction with the administration team during this process was overwhelmingly positive and gave me great confidence to move forward. These expectations have been met and exceeded. Due to a smaller cohort and robust network, you can make strong connections with the administration staff, professors, students, and MBA alumni.

Advice to myself one year ago would be to look further into the differences a team-based program makes. It is one of the Smith MBA's most significant assets that I should have paid attention to sooner. The many coaching resources available with this team-based approach have been impressive.

The best advice to potential students would be to be true to yourself, be confident, and be open to other perspectives. You are your best advocate, and your fellow students are your best resources to grow. If you understand this, you will have a fun and transformative year at Smith.

  • Hometown: Clarington, Ontario
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Prior Industry: Operations Management
  • Career Focus: Operations Management/Consulting
AAndrew Pinheiro

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