ARashpreet Juneja

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

it aligned with my values. I was not coming from a conventional career path, and Smith welcomed outliers like me. For me, the reason for pursuing an MBA was self-actualization. I worked in various industries and verticals, and I wanted to figure out the next step. I got great insights about my personality even before reaching the school through various personality assessments, and a month into the program I have already shortlisted the functions I could see myself working in.

Specific aspects about the Smith program that appealed to me was the one-year course duration because I didn’t want to be away from work for longer than that. Also, I was looking for a smaller class size to get personalized attention. Another facet was the emphasis on coaching. On a macro level, Canada as a country has always allured me because of its progressive and accepting nature, and it turned out to be exactly what I expected. I have never felt more welcomed. It already feels like home.

In terms of application advice, the first thing I would say is to make sure your goals align with program goals. It will help you to get the maximum return on your time and investment. Be genuine during the process, and don’t shy away from accepting your failures, but talk about how you dealt with them. You don’t necessarily have to have everything figured out before entering the program. You’ll have plenty of resources at the school to figure out your interests.

  • Hometown: Mumbai
  • Country of Origin: Indian
  • Prior Industry: Education management/Property Management
  • Career Focus: Consulting/Analytics
ARashpreet Juneja

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