ALucky Tozana

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

it is the best MBA program for new immigrants to Canada like I was when I started. After deciding on a Canadian MBA (because thanks to Canada’s Express Entry PR visa system, it is a great destination for young professionals) I knew I needed a school that will allow me to plug into the Canadian economy as quickly as possible. The Smith MBA’s small class size and strong alumni network meant that I could get the one thing most immigrants do not have when they first arrive in a new country; that is a strong and wide network. Furthermore, the Smith MBA’s unique and excellent coaching model means that I can leverage the help of trained coaches to help me convert the opportunities that my new network will bring to me into strong employment opportunities. Finally, the 1-year duration means I can get my career started a year sooner than most other North American MBAs, reducing the opportunity cost of this immigration route whilst maximizing the benefits.

  • Hometown: Bulawayo
  • Country of Origin: Zimbabwe
  • Prior Industry: Macroeconomic & Industry Research
  • Career Focus: Consulting
ALucky Tozana

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