AKimberly Dley

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

of the culture, community, and team mentality that surrounds this highly reputable school. It was critical for me to pursue an MBA where I would learn from my peers, not only in academics, but also from their experiences. The further I dug into the values of the Smith MBA, I was drawn to the emphasis on coaching and support. Throughout my entire application process, I felt like I was making meaningful connections with each member of the Smith MBA admissions team.

I highly respected the emphasis on the Smith MBA website about women in leadership, an emphasis all other schools I researched was lacking. This spoke to me because most of my mentors in executive positions were men. I was excited to learn from other women on how to navigate my career and have mentors who could share empathy towards challenges women face. This aspect of the Smith MBA made me feel that they understand the unique challenges women face and put value in women supporting women.

Finally, I came to the Smith MBA because I wanted a program that would challenge me in ways I’ve never experienced. I was complacent in my previous role and was excited for a new challenge. This program puts emphasis on hard work, collaboration and innovative thinking. As I move into pursuing a career in business development, I saw the Smith MBA as a challenge I wanted to overcome to make me a stronger leader.

  • Hometown: Victoria, BC
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Prior Industry: Pharmaceutical Research
  • Career Focus: Business Development
AKimberly Dley

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