AJessica Burnside

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

I knew I wanted a change. I had an industry I wanted to target, but I didn’t know how to set myself up for that career change. I was feeling lost. I knew that an MBA would be the perfect opportunity to build strong business fundamentals that would set me up for success.

I chose the Smith School of Business because of the school's team-based experiential learning structure, small class sizes, and personalized coaching that are adding to both the personal and professional development aspects I believe are necessary for an impactful MBA education. I know that the Smith MBA will provide me with the tools to develop multidimensional leadership qualities that foster curiosity, innovation, and growth.

If I could go back to one year ago and give myself any piece of advice, it would be to engage more current students and alumni. They have all been in your shoes and can provide their unique perspective regarding the program and their experience.

My long-term professional goal is to combine my business background with my passion for cosmetics and build a successful career within a luxury brand. I also have an entrepreneurial mindset and plan to start a "side hustle" of my own.

My advice to any applicant would be to showcase your unique background and interests. It’s okay to be different and to choose the road less travelled!

  • Hometown: Toronto
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Prior Industry: Medical Devices and Provincial Government
  • Career Focus: Operations/Logistics
AJessica Burnside

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