AEduardo Euscate

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

I want to improve my leadership, communication and teamwork skills. The team-based learning approach is a key component that is very useful in today’s working environments. I am very excited to be at one of the top business schools in Canada, surrounded by inspiring classmates, professors and MBA team members.

I would have liked to visit the campus at least once, to have a closer look at the facilities, and a better understanding of the courses and professors. I also could have contacted more Smith alumni to get firsthand opinions and experiences.

One important piece of advice would be to navigate through the entire Smith MBA link on the school’s website to learn as much as possible about the application process and requirements before asking any questions. It is also very helpful to watch as many videos as possible on the YouTube channel, as they cover many topics and may clarify any doubt that you might have. Applying to the Smith MBA program as early as possible is a must, to expedite the process and to put an applicant in the best position to succeed.

My goal is to become a better professional and to develop my skills to their maximum by taking advantage of every day, every class, every assignment and every training opportunity. I am sure I can improve my abilities, step out of my comfort zone and be ready for future challenges in my career.

  • Hometown: Lima
  • Country of Origin: Peru
  • Prior Industry: Energy/Utilities
  • Career Focus: Marketing/Sales
AEduardo Euscate

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