AChuanyu (Evelyn) Qin

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

it provides me with practical curriculums such as Business Analytics and Leading with Integrity, and an international management education, which will prepare me to be a skilled portfolio manager and a visionary entrepreneur.

Smith integrates fundamental management insights and skills with experiential learning at the cutting edge of business practice through strategy field study. I greatly enjoy the combination of technical management capacity and interpersonal skills that are highly valued in Smith and the workplace. I can participate in competitions to practice my investment strategies.

As a team player with a unique communication style, I enjoy the team-based learning environment, thus immersing myself in competitions and challenges, just as I did in Kazakhstan as a volunteer. These are great opportunities to experience and connect with brilliant and diligent people who enrolled in the Smith MBA. I greatly appreciate Smith’s huge alumni network and the help I receive from the Career Advancement Centre. I am preparing myself to seize wide-ranging opportunities to connect with alumni, top global recruiters and thoughtful leaders to widen my network.

For international students who may not be first-language English, I would suggest that you practice your verbal skills as much as possible before and during the MBA experience. To all future students, show your leadership potential and your team spirit every day.

Smith has provided me is far more than I could expect. The personalized teaching methods and the small class also make me feel at home.

  • Hometown: Shanghai
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Prior Industry: Finance
  • Career Focus: Financial Advisory
AChuanyu (Evelyn) Qin

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