ABita Pourvahidi

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

I was always extremely enthusiastic about pursuing an MBA degree. As someone with Marketing experience within the Events and Experiential space, I was very aware of the type of leadership role an MBA degree could provide, particularly a Smith MBA degree, with a prestigious reputation like no other. When it came to deciding which school to attend, Smith was the only and obvious choice for me. From my very first interaction with the admissions team, I immediately knew that they were unique in their process, which emphasized humility as much as it did academic and professional success.

Most of all, the team-based approach to learning and the overall collaborative environment was a perfect fit for me. No matter who you speak to, current students and alumni will tell you about the strong relationships the Smith MBA network allows for and encourages you to make. Through the program’s smaller class size, to the overall structure of the program and its numerous networking opportunities, you feel an immense sense of pride and community right away.

My current goal is to combine my Marketing expertise with my interest in the world of Technology. I am beyond fascinated by the approach in which banks, in particular, are taking towards becoming more tech-driven, and what that will look like from a consumer perspective in the long-run. The Smith MBA will allow me to do so by specializing in their innovative Digital Transformation stream, another key factor in my selection.

My advice to future applicants is to be yourself. The admissions team wants to know you for who you are – where your drive comes from and what truly sparks the passion within you. Leverage your strengths, but keep a curious and open mind. The Smith MBA has a way of opening doors you never knew existed.

  • Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Prior Industry: Marketing & Advertising
  • Career Focus: Digital Transformation/Marketing
ABita Pourvahidi

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