AAxie Hauser-Kawaguchi

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

I wanted to earn a top-tier education and join alumni that are deeply devoted to their school and helping future cohorts succeed. From Day 1 of applying to the MBA program at Smith, I felt valued, and that sense of belonging never disappeared. I would recommend to anyone thinking of applying to Smith to actively communicate with their application advisor and the staff at the MBA office…they truly want to help. And funny enough, it never stops – From Day 1 of the program in January, they let you know that they are here to help you be successful, and they never stop showing it!

The cherry on top of the Smith MBA is the team-based approach to learning. If you are someone who enjoys doing all of the work all of the time, then this program is probably not for you. BUT if you think that you could be comfortable working on a team of diverse individuals, sharing with and learning from others, then this program is definitely for you!

I came into the MBA class with a Ph.D. in chemistry and a strong knowledge of the biotech world. I am not 100% certain where my future career lies, but I know that I am looking to pivot into more of a consulting role. The beauty of the Smith MBA is that the first few months of the program gives you the time to do a deep introspective dive into your strengths and career goals, and a personal career coach to see you through to the finish line.

Smith is the only MBA program that I applied to, and I have no regrets!

  • Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Prior Industry: Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Research & Development
  • Career Focus: Consulting
AAxie Hauser-Kawaguchi

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