AAlex Hutton

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

I knew exactly what I was getting, and couldn’t imagine myself going anywhere else. Having already gone through the GDB program to transition from engineering to business, I had first-hand experience with the quality of education provided by Smith. You can see the passion that staff put into the program and content. The value of a team-based program in the modern business world is incalculable, teaching how to both be a member and a leader of a high-performance team.

I brought a technical background to my experience in finance prior to starting my MBA, so I want to pursue further opportunities in finance that will leverage my skills and passions. Despite the challenges ahead of me, I always feel that the resources I need are within reach, the onus is on me to achieve.

If you are considering the Smith MBA, the best resources are our alumni. Reach out to one and you will see their dedication to the school and program. There’s a reason Smith alumni speak so highly of their experiences at Smith.

  • Hometown: Ottawa, ON
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Prior Industry: Engineering/Finance
  • Career Focus: Finance
AAlex Hutton

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