A 12-month program starting in January

A 12 month program starting in January

A flexible and highly personalized approach to management education, built around your career goals.

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"I chose Queen’s because of its great reputation and strong alumni network. The program was fast-paced and intensive and gave me the skills I needed to rebrand myself and change careers. I enjoyed the small class size and team-based approach."
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Our unique approach will better prepare you
for your dream job

98% Of our graduates employed
within 6 months of graduation
(class of 2016)
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$119,596 Average salary (includes: base salary, signing bonus, and other guaranteed compensation.)
(class of 2016)

Using the features below, let us build the personalized academic experience that gets you where you want to go. Say goodbye to the cookie cutter approach used in other MBA programs, the Queen’s MBA experience is unlike any other.

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Queen’s MBA offers specializations in the areas of highest demand. Choose from Consulting, Finance, Healthcare Management, Marketing & Sales, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, or General Management. Learn more

Team-Based Learning

Smith School of Business has been a pioneer in the important area of team-based learning and utilizes an approach that is far more sophisticated than that used in other MBA programs. Learn more


Experiential Learning

Participate in unique opportunities to “learn by doing” that include innovative options that are not available anywhere else. Learn more

Internship Opportunities

The design of the program enables you to pursue internships at high profile companies and in multiple industries in order to gain work experience in their chosen area.

Double Degrees

In today’s competitive environment, there are some career paths that demand a level of specialization beyond the MBA program. Smith School of Business Double Degree options are designed to accommodate these demands. Learn more

International Exchange

If international exposure is integral to your career goals, Queen’s MBA offers exchange opportunities at more than 25 of the world’s top international business schools. Learn more

Career Support

Smith School of Business offers one of the most comprehensive career support programs anywhere, including one-on-one coaching. Learn more

Lifestyle Coaching

Queen’s MBA offers a unique, holistic approach that includes a Lifestyle Coaching option. Learn more

Executive Coaching

Take advantage of our unique approach to Executive Coaching, learning how to capitalize on your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses. Learn more

Matt Reesor

Queen’s MBA Admissions Interview

Program Director Matt Reesor joins the Touch MBA podcast to discuss what makes the Queen's MBA unique, the school's admissions process and career opportunities for Queen's MBA students.

Program Highlights (3:00) | Admissions (25:10) | Scholarships (51:40) | Careers (56:30)

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“You’re actually with the same team for all of your core courses. We hold students accountable, not just to working in teams, but working successfully in teams.”

Matt Reesor
Queen’s Full-Time MBA

Queen’s MBA in the Rankings

Here are the relative rankings within Canada, of what are widely thought to be the top 3 MBA programs in Canada.

MBA Rankings in Canada (2017)
Queen's Rotman Ivey
FT Value for Money Salary Increase #1 #2 #3
Value for Money #1 #3 #2
BusinessWeek Salary #1 #4 #2
Job Placement #1 #5 #2

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