Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the application deadline?

    At Smith we conduct a rolling admission whereby as soon as your application file is complete it is reviewed and an admission decision is made. As this is a highly competitive program, we encourage you to apply early.

  2. Is there an application fee?

    There is no application fee and no fees are due until you are accepted into the program.

  3. Is the GMAT a requirement?

    You can certainly begin your application without a GMAT score. The GMAT may be required depending on your undergraduate academic performance and career progress. Your application advisor will conduct a preliminary assessment and determine if a GMAT is required.

  4. What if I don't have a business degree?

    The curriculum for the Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates at Smith School of Business has been designed to complement an undergraduate degree in business. Applicants will be considered from other undergraduate disciplines if they have completed courses in the prerequisite subjects (Accounting, Finance, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, Operations and Strategy) with a grade of B or better.

  5. How do you help with job placement, promotion etc.?

    At Smith we pride ourselves on our coaching and career service while you are in the program and beyond. We provide you with a career coach who can offer assistance with career development and networking access to alumni.

  6. What are the scholarship opportunities?

    A limited number of scholarships are awarded each year based on the overall grade point average (GPA), the GPA on the prerequisite courses, career progress and the GMAT score (required to be considered for a scholarship). Typically, scholarship recipients will have an A- or better average, a demonstrated career path with promotions and a GMAT score of 680 or higher.

  7. What is the time commitment – how many hours per week?

    The Accelerated MBA schedule typically requires a commitment of approximately 20 hours each week in addition to the class times. Assignments, projects and other deliverables are divided evenly throughout the year, allowing you to develop a regular work pattern.

  8. Does this program qualify for OSAP?

    Yes, but the income level of most applicants is well above the cut-off for this funding.