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Academic Plan

Advanced Management Content

A curriculum tailored to practising managers with an undergraduate business degree. In traditional MBA programs, most students do not have an undergraduate degree in business. For this reason, a great deal of time is spent teaching management fundamentals. The curriculum for the MBA for Business Graduates at Smith School of Business has been designed to be complementary and additive to the content of your undergraduate business program. Rather than relearning fundamental concepts you have already studied, the program focuses on advanced management topics that can help you take your career to the next level.

An Integrated Curriculum

In the program, you will learn to approach business issues in an integrated and comprehensive way and develop an understanding of how management decisions can have an impact across an organization and beyond. The curriculum is built on five learning themes – Leadership; Strategic Thinking; Global Business; Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Erin Thomson
"The team-based approach was powerful. Working with people from a variety of backgrounds and seeing the unique talents and perspective they each brought to the table was amazing. I found that we were constantly learning from each other."

Erin Stephens, MBA
Manager, Performance & Planning/JV Lead
Husky Energy

Certificate in Social Impact

Lead the way to a better world. We connect you to the knowledge and networks that will place you at the intersection of business and social impact. Earn an academic Certificate in Social Impact and focus your learning by specializing in one of four topic areas: sustainability, social finance, social innovation and social entrepreneurship, and values-based leadership. Learn more about a Certificate in Social Impact.

Lisa Orr
"The integrated approach of the Certificate gave me a unique and comprehensive understanding of best practices in responsible leadership. I would highly recommend the Certificate for every business student as the skills I’ve acquired and the network I have built through the program have had a substantially positive impact on my career."

Lisa Orr, MBA 2016
Etiquette & Protocol Consultant
Orr Etiquette

Course List

Strategic Thinking
  • Strategy I - The Strategic Vision Tool Box
  • Strategy II - Strategic Transformation
  • Strategy III - Integration and Implementation
  • Creating High-Performance Teams
  • Leadership and Interpersonal Skills for Managers
  • Ethical Leadership and Decision Making
Finance, Accounting and Corporate Governance
  • Advanced Managerial Finance
  • Financial Accounting: Valuation and Analysis
  • Governance and Control Systems
Global Business and Economics
  • Managing in the Global Environment
  • Advanced Managerial Economics
Strategic Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing I - Building Customer Value
  • Strategic Marketing II - The Brand-Driven Organization
Information Technology
  • Maximizing Return from the IT Investment
  • Strategic Operations Management
Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Creativity for Product and Service Development