Start-ups Snapshot

Shelley Pleiter

It takes a certain temperament to launch a start-up. Determination, confidence, inventiveness and passion are common traits of entrepreneurs. Whether nurtured in the classroom, tested in a business case competition, or part of a student’s DNA, the drive to launch a business has been acted upon by many of the school’s students and alumni.

“Entrepreneurship is where human creativity meets day-to-day business reality,” says Douglas Reid, QSB Associate Professor and Distinguished Faculty Fellow in Strategy. “Usually, it’s the road not taken by many grads. For those who choose to build the path they travel upon, life, while always challenging, can be exhilarating, too. And those who persevere, and have a bit of luck and a lot of help, experience the pure joy sought by every creator — that moment of pride when one can say, ‘I built this’.”

QSB Magazine reached out to several entrepreneurial alumni on our radar to invite them to deliver the equivalent of a 60-second elevator pitch to our readers.