Editor's Note


Well, now I know how it feels. Like others profiled in these pages in my 16 years as editor, I was reluctant to have my photo taken. Having cajoled, sometimes begged so many others, it seems only fitting that I took a dose of my own medicine in composing this page, a farewell message in light of my retirement in August.   

So there I am, at right, in front of a display of all 59 issues of this alumni magazine in all its incarnations; 29 of these are mine. Inquiry, which debuted in 1977, was the brainchild of economics Professor Emeritus Merv Daub. “It is intended to provide everyone with an idea about what is ongoing in the School of Business at Queen’s,” Merv wrote in his inaugural message. He summed up what turned out to be Smith Magazine’s continuing mission: to inform, and thereby nurture a strong connection with, the business school’s alumni. 

It’s been my privilege to have met many alumni and students in my 17 years at the school. A previous role in alumni relations brought me into contact with many of you at business club events across Canada and in New York. As editor of the Year in Review (YiR), I encountered donors and students whose stories gave context to the many milestones achieved each year. From John Welch, BCom’38, a Vancouver event attendee, to Jack Saunders, BCom’17, a student profiled in last year’s YiR, I can claim to have befriended alumni at all ages and stages, and am all the richer for it.  

I’ve also been fortunate to have worked with a great team. Putting together a magazine is a group effort. Everyone in the Marketing and Communications department has pitched in at various times. The prime contributors are acknowledged below, and to them, especially, I extend my personal thanks. Their sober second thought has reined in some of my more far-fetched ideas, thankfully. Keen proof-reading has saved my bacon more than once. And awesome graphic designs have elicited oohs and ahhs of delight. 

Since the April announcement of my retirement, I’ve been asked about my future plans. My answer is simple; I plan to have no plans for the first few months except to relax, take a trip or two with my husband, and spend more time with my dear mom, whose Alzheimer’s disease is progressing at a heartbreaking pace. Maybe I’ll finally get around to writing that book that’s been percolating for years. It’s time to start telling my own stories. 

Shelley Pleiter
Managing Editor

Amber Wallace, Contributing Editor
Samantha Arniel
Samantha Cochrane
Erica Holgate
Alan Morantz
Andrea Strike

Crystal Wiesner
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