My company, Navut, was established to solve one of the biggest issues people face when moving to a new city, namely choosing the right neighbourhood to live in.

We produce coconut oil-based make-up remover wipes that are natural, free of synthetics and vegan-friendly. 

OneLocal provides offline businesses with online marketing tools that are available individually or bundled to create network benefits that work seamlessly together.

People with a parking space to spare can share it on Rover and make a few extra dollars.

We construct homes by repurposing shipping containers to offer a housing solution that is unique.

SimpleTax is the friendly, fast, and fun way to file your income tax return.

Helping non-profits raise more funding while also helping students to gain consulting experience.

My company, SWFTCharge provides a quick, portable and convenient phone-charging service for conferences, festivals, theme parks, sporting events and other large-scale venues.

My company, SYNG Pharmaceuticals Inc. (SYNG Pharma), is an early-stage venture incubated in Johnson & Johnson Innovation’s JLABS@Toronto.

TeachMe creates educational games and apps that combine play with learning in a unique way.

We enable people to trade volunteer hours to bid for experiences money can’t buy. 

Unata, powers cutting-edge digital experiences for major grocery store chains across North America.


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