Encircled produces ethically-made wardrobe staples which are 100% made in Toronto from sustainable fabrics.

Innovative products and solutions that increase the activity levels of busy people both at work and at home.

Great Lakes Ginseng, is a third-generation ginseng farm committed to growing the best possible ginseng, which is prized for its healing properties.
Hangry is a mobile solution that allows students to order and pre-pay for food on campus.

With unparalleled precision, Human Logistics moves people and cargo, specializing in aircraft charters of all kinds.

Invisor simplifies investing and helps Canadians reach their financial dreams sooner.

My company, Ioffe Biotechnologies, was created to optimize human health and performance.

My company, Iris Technologies, is a Canadian health-care technology company.

What is Jeff Alpaugh Custom? A man walks into his local store for his annual shopping trip. He wants to be bold, but in a sea of white and blue, a run-of-the-mill shirt is as bold as it gets.

Journal Prep provides academic researchers with services and resources to help them accelerate the academic publication process.

We build software products that involve each student’s community in her or his academic success.

Lloyd & Co. Bespoke Tailoring offers custom-made suits and shirts for both men and women.


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