Support our Students

To provide our students with unparalleled opportunities and experiences that guide their development into successful leaders.

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The Smith Student Exchange Award

Established for inbound and outbound exchange Commerce and MBA students in the Smith School of Business who have been selected to participate in a formal Queen's University bilateral exchange program. Eighty percent of Commerce students opt to go on international exchange in their third year and take advantage of partnerships with over 100 top business schools in 38 countries around the world.

The MBA Scholarships Fund

Awarded on the basis of academic excellence to students entering the Queen's Full-time MBA program in the Smith School of Business.

The Commerce Bursary

Established to help Smith School of Business provide bursary funding for eligible students who have financial need. This bursary supports the 30 percent of Commerce students who require financial assistance when entering their first year of study.

Commerce Legacy Fund for Student Health and Wellness

Established to support of student health and wellness initiatives in the Commerce Program at Smith School of Business.

Smith Scholarship Fund

The Smith Scholarship Fund is used to help recruit and retain the most promising aspiring leaders to our growing Commerce and graduate classes, and provide financial support to students who may otherwise be unable to attend our School.