Centre for Business Venturing

To develop and enable the entrepreneurial aspirations of our outstanding students and alumni by supporting the creation of new and successful business ventures. The focus of the Centre is on students and is reinforced through investment in curriculum and coaching, faculty and research, hands-on learning and developing infrastructure.

For more information on the Centre's activities, please visit: qcbv.com

Investment Opportunities:

TriColour Venture Fund – With more students interested in taking the TCVF course, and more high-potential firms seeking investment, we would like to increase the size of the Fund to demonstrate its value as a unique educational experience.

Dare to Dream Internships – Dare to Dream Internships are designed to make it possible for graduates to bring their business plans to fruition immediately following graduation. With a donation of $75,000, an expendable fund will be established in your name to support a Dare to Dream Internship or 5 years or provide a donation up to $375,000 to endow a Dare to Dream Internship in your name in perpetuity.

Provide a donation of any amount  to support initiatives of the Centre.

Contact us for more information or support the Centre through the pooled QCBV fund below. 


Queen's Centre for Business Venturing