Investment Priorities

Imagine a business school where the next generation of globally minded leaders is mentored; where more students experience engaged faculty and create lifelong networks; where learning mirrors practice; where finances are not a barrier to innovation and opportunity; and where graduation comes with international connections and credibility.

What does it take for a business school to offer academic excellence and exceptional experience, as well as to be competitive globally? It takes the Smith School of Business Advantage.

  • Outstanding students and faculty
  • Innovative research
  • Team-based learning
  • Expert industry advisors
  • Inspiring learning environment

This is the foundation of our success.

To respond to new challenges and the ever-changing business landscape, we have identified four areas of focus to ensure the future growth of Smith School of Business:

To provide our students with unparalleled opportunities and experiences that guide their development into successful leaders.

To ensure our world-class facility continues to be updated with the latest technology designed to enhance learning and interaction among faculty, staff, students, alumni and friendss. The building’s west wing, which opened in 2012, has been LEED ® Gold certified.

To develop and enable the entrepreneurial aspirations of our outstanding students and alumni by supporting the creation of new and successful business ventures. The focus of the Centre is on students and is reinforced through investment in curriculum and coaching, faculty and research, hands-on learning and developing infrastructure.

To offer innovative curriculum and learning opportunities that encourage our students to actively develop ethical solutions and become a generation of globally responsible leaders. The Centre was founded in 2004 to help train students to meet these challenges and to foster research that promotes better social responsibility and practices.