Investment Priorities

What does it take for a business school to offer academic excellence and an exceptional experience while preparing outstanding leaders of business and society?

It takes:

  • Ensuring a safe, inclusive, and welcoming learning environment for all
  • Outstanding student and faculty support
  • Innovative research
  • Team-based learning
  • Collaborative and supportive relationships with alumni, partners and stakeholders

This is the foundation of our success and supports our vision to be one of the world’s most innovative and influential business schools.

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How You Can Help Support EDII at Smith

Smith EDII Strategy Action Plan - Overview

Smith EDII Strategy Action Plan - Detailed

In response to new challenges and the ever changing business landscape during these unprecedented times, we have identified a specific area of focus to help support the continued growth of Smith School of Business:

We have all felt the impact of COVID-19.  At Smith, we too are facing disruptions and adversities that could never have been anticipated.

Faculty and teaching excellence, as well as the student experience, are hallmarks of Smith School of Business and Queen’s. Especially during this time, we must operate at the forefront of technology to succeed and adapt in this virtual and integrated world. This includes preparing and supporting students and educators for distance learning, as well as improving technology-enabled teaching tools, interactive tutorials, and cases.

Smith School of Business at Queen’s University is committed to cultivating a vibrant, diverse and inclusive academic and work environment rooted in a culture of mutual respect and equity such that all members of our community feel safe, possess a strong sense of belonging and are empowered to thrive. We recognize that access, equity and inclusion are vital to our school's future and to developing global citizens with the broad knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to contribute meaningfully to society as well as advancements in business.