To celebrate their 15th reunion, the Commerce Class of 2002 we will be supporting their class award, the Commerce 2002 Leadership Entrance Award. This annual entrance award is given to an incoming first year Commerce student on the basis of financial need and leadership potential. The current recipient of Commerce 2002 Leadership Award, Libbie Davies, is grateful for the support: "Smith School of Business, from the beginning of my university search, was ranked as my top choice. Through its immense academic support, small class sizes and unique opportunities like exchange in third year, it sparked my interest in the program. Getting this financial support in my education gave me even more incentive to accept my offer to this prestigious school. I have already ensured that I put this award towards many opportunities to enhance my learning here at Queen’s. This year I attended the conference for Queen’s Women in Leadership where I learned about the roles that women play in the workplace and how to overcome such bias’. Using the award to fund these types of events outside of my academic life in the Commerce program has helped me to develop important skills that will be instrumental in my post-secondary career. This generous donation on your part will be forever remembered throughout my education and after graduation. I look forward to seeing where my future will take me with the help of your thoughtful award."