Course Levels

  • Eligible students in an undergraduate program or in M1 of a Masters’ program will be taking Undergraduate - Commerce courses.
  • Eligible students in an MBA or in M2 of a Masters’ program will be taking Graduate - MBA or MIB courses.

Undergraduate - Commerce

In June, you will be given access to the secure Exchange Portal. The portal will provide you with detailed information regarding course offerings and the course schedule, along with video instructions on how to enroll into courses.

Important Dates: Refer to the Fact Sheet for course and exam dates.

Activate your Queen's NetID and access SOLUS After receiving your official Queen's offer Follow the instructions on your offer letter
Look at the Courses Catalogues Anytime Review the Commerce and Arts and Science courses offered at Queen's:

Important: Not all courses are offered each year or term. The Course Timetable will be released on June 22, 2015 and will provide you with the schedule of courses offered in 2015-16.

Access the Exchange Portal After June 1

The Exchange portal contains course documents and detailed instructions on how to select and enroll into courses.

Your Exchange Coordinator will send you an email on how and when to access the portal.

Use your Queen's NetID and password to access the secure portal.

Review the course syllabi After June 1 Documents available on the Exchange portal
Review the course timetable After June 21 Documents available on the Exchange portal
Make a list of your desired courses Before June 30 Instructions are provided on the Exchange portal
Get your Enrollment Appointment July 2

Your Enrollment Appointment is the start date when you can begin your course enrollment.

Access SOLUS to find out the specific date when your course enrollment period begins.

Add courses to your Shopping Cart July 4-11 Your Shopping Cart is a place to store your course selections until your course enrollment period begins.
Enroll into courses July 11-29 Instructions are provided on the Exchange portal.
Make course changes August 23 – September 23
(fall or full-year students), August 23 – January 20, 2017
(Winter students)
You will have an opportunity to change your selected courses. The deadline to add new courses is at the end of the second week of classes.

Graduate - MBA and MIB

Master of Business Administration and Master of International Business

We accept graduate (M2 or MBA) exchange students into the MBA program for fall term (September to December) and into the MIB program for winter/spring term (January to April).

  • Examinations: Final exams usually take place during the last class for the course. There is no additional or separate exam period for graduate courses.
  • Course Fee: There is a $100 course material fee for each course. The course fee covers all textbooks and business cases. The fee is an overall cost and time saving for the student who would otherwise have to purchase textbooks and case material separately at a higher cost. Course fees are added to the student's account at Queen's and must be paid prior to the completion of the term.
TitleFall 2016 - MBAWinter 2017 - MIB
Course Dates September 11 - December 11 January 5 - April 1
Program Portal June
Access to the program specific portal will be provided to you
Access to the program specific portal will be provided to you
Course Syllabus June
Information will be available on the program portal
Information will be available on the program portal
Course Selection June
A course selection survey will be sent to you.
A course selection survey will be sent to you.
Course Schedule September 6 to December 16 
You are not required to be at Queen's for the whole term. You can choose the courses and schedule that works for you based on taking 3-5 courses during your stay. It is recommended that you take no more than 2 courses at the same time due to the heavy workload requirements.
Courses are scheduled over the 12 week term from January 9 to April 7.
Add/Drop Courses All course changes are administered through the MBA Program Office. Students are permitted to add or drop a course prior to the beginning of the second class. All course changes are administered through the MIB Program Office. Last date to add a course is January 20. Last date to drop a course is March 3.
Attendance Attendance is mandatory and monitored closely. If a student is absent for more than 2 classes in a particular course will be given a failure. Attendance is recommended. If a student is absent for more than 25%  of the course, he or she may be given a failure.
Earliest Departure Date After your last course is completed; by December 17, 2016 at the latest. April 8, 2017

Smith Course Information


All courses are taught in English. Refer to the Fact Sheet for English Proficiency Requirements.


Each course consists of 36 contact hours and has a weight of 3.0 academic units.


Courses are demanding with on-going assessment, group work and final projects and/or exams.

For every hour of class time, students should plan for approximately 3.5-4.5 hours of additional independent or group work. For example, 36 class hours equals 126 to 162 hours of additional work load, for a total of 162-198 hours per course. Therefore, each 3.0 unit course = 36 hours + 162 to 198 hours = approximately 6 to 7.5 ECTS.

For exchange students to succeed in a new culture with different teaching methods and perhaps using their second language, we recommend they complete 4 courses (4 x 7.5 = 30 ECTS). However, students must follow the course load requirements that are determined by their home school.

Course Load

You must take a minimum of 3 courses and a maximum of 5. Consult with the advisor for your home school regarding your required course load.

Teaching Methods

Smith provides a mix of teaching methods, including the use of case studies, on-line simulations, team projects and lectures.


Attendance at course lectures is strongly recommended in order to be successful in the course. Many courses have a grade for participation and attendance.


For final exams only, students whose first language is not English and have not studied in English for the past 2 years, will be provided with an additional 10 minutes of exam time for each hour of the exam. For example, 30 additional minutes for a 3 hour exam. Students also have the option of using a hard-copy language translation dictionary during the final exam (no electronic translation tools).