Incoming Exchange

Application Process

Students are nominated to Smith School of Business at Queen's University by their home school. Check with your study abroad advisor for details.


  • April 1 for fall or full-year exchange
  • September 1 for winter exchange

Important Note

Course registration for Commerce begins in July; therefore, we recommend undergraduate students be nominated by April 1 for both fall and winter terms because it will provide students with better access to our course offerings.

  1. After you have been nominated to attend Smith on exchange, you will receive an email from us with a link to the on-line application.
  2. Complete your application as instructed and you will receive an "application confirmation" email that will provide you with your Queen’s student identification number, along with instructions for establishing your Queen’s on-line identity (NetID) and email account.
  3. The required application documents must be provided in order to confirm your eligibility for exchange. Refer to "Required Application Documents" below for details on how to submit your documents.
  4. Once your application and documents have been assessed, you will receive a formal exchange offer letter and further emails with details regarding your next steps.
  5. Your offer letter, along with your "Letter of Acceptance" will be emailed to you in May for fall or fall & winter applicants, and by October for winter applicants. These letters are important documents that will be required for Canadian immigration purposes.


  • April 30 for fall or fall or full-year exchange
  • September 30 for winter exchange
  • Transcript: Provide your most recent academic transcript.
  • Proof of English Proficiency: Check with the Exchange Coordinator at your home school to confirm if a proof of English proficiency document is required.
  • Commerce Applicants: Your required documents must be submitted by your home school Exchange Coordinator directly to:

    Admission Coordinator, International Exchange
    Undergraduate Admission & Recruitment Office
    Gordon Hall, 74 Union Street
    Queen’s University
    Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6

  • MBA and MIB Applicants: Your required documents can be uploaded with your application, or sent via email by you or your home school Exchange Coordinator directly to
Exchange students show their Queen’s spirit at the winter Orientation Event

Exchange students show their Queen’s spirit at the winter Orientation Event.

Next Steps

Once you have received your offer to attend Smith on exchange, follow the steps below:

Program Portal

Each exchange program has a separate intranet that you will access for information regarding course registration, orientation, and for regular updates from your Exchange Coordinator. Your Exchange Coordinator will send you an email on how and when to access the portal.


You will need a valid passport to gain entry to Canada. If you already have a passport, please ensure that it will remain valid for 6 months after your return home.

If you are planning to study in Canada for one term (less than 6 months), you may study under temporary resident status as a visitor. For any period longer than 6 months (two terms), a Study Permit is required.

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Exchange students will live off-campus in private housing in proximity to the university. 

The Queen’s University International Centre offers housing support that includes information for all new international members of the Queen’s Community regarding available resources to search for off-campus housing, clarity around housing terms, and what to be aware of before contracting to rent a particular property. 

Further information can be found by visiting the Queen’s University Off-Campus Living Advisor’s website.  

The Housing Resources section found on the Off-Campus Living Advisor website may be  particularly useful, specifically the ‘Off-Campus Housing Resource Package’. We do not recommend signing a lease or agreement for the apartment or room you may be interested in until you have had a chance to view its condition and confirm its location. During the COVID-19 pandemic we encourage you to complete a video call with the landlord of the property where they show you the apartment, room, and any additional areas (such as shared common spaces) by video call, such as through Zoom. If you are not successful in obtaining suitable accommodations before your arrival, we recommend that you arrive at least one week before Orientation to start your search for housing.

Health Care

As an incoming exchange student it is mandatory for you to obtain the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP). You will be automatically enrolled into UHIP and the fee will be added to your Queen's student account.

To find out more about UHIP, payment deadlines, and how to make payment, please visit the UHIP website.

All inquiries in regards to UHIP should be made to


There is a mandatory orientation session for all incoming exchange students. Please refer to the Fact Sheet for your specific dates. An agenda with details will be posted to the program portal in the month before your arrival.
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Queen's University International Centre (QUIC)

The Smith Exchange Team works closely with the staff at the Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC), located in the John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC). The members of the QUIC team have extensive experience in working with international students across all faculties at Queen’s University as well as the surrounding community. Through its activities, QUIC promotes an internationally-informed and cross-culturally sensitive learning environment.

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