Getting the Feedback You Require

You own your development but others can help support your agenda. Here are four things you can do to accelerate the learning curve.

Learning to ask for and accept feedback is essential for your own development. Research has shown that, over time, approximately 10 percent of a person’s development will come from “formal learning” (time spent reading or in a classroom), 20 percent will come from feedback or observation, and 70 percent will come from “real” experiences. In order to truly learn, these experiences cannot just involve doing more of what you are currently doing; rather it’s about challenging yourself to do something new or something familiar in a different way.  While many people are good at finding workshops or courses to attend, what is often lacking — and has the power to really accelerate you along the learning curve for any skill — is adequate feedback. Peggy Baumgartner, Director of Training at Performance Coaching and a session leader with Queen’s Executive Development Leadership program, offers advice on how best to seek feedback.

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