Breaking Down Barriers to Better Lifestyle Choices

The intention: getting fit, balancing work and home life, keeping mentally sharp. The reality: keeping your foot on the pedal and resisting change. Smith coaches show how to make smart lifestyle changes stick

For time-pressured businesspeople and students, health-related goals often remain low on the list of priorities. It's easy to see why: breaking mental, emotional, and physical barriers requires commitment and a strategy for how to deal with inevitable challenges that arise when trying to establish new routines.

Smith School of Business Fit to Lead lifestyle coaches have heard the excuses. In their work with Queen's Executive Education participants and MBA students, they focus on making the connection between business performance and balanced living. Looking after yourself shows focus, clarity, and the ability to prioritize, all necessary attributes for sustained business-related performance.

These four vignettes capture typical challenges faced by Executive Education participants and MBA students as they try and transition to a healthier lifestyle as well as advice from our coaches on how to get unstuck

This paper was prepared by Fit to Lead team members Ryan Stoness, Faizan Imtiaz, Shane Lakins, and Jessica Roberts at Smith School of Business. The Fit to Lead team provides services to the MBA and Executive Education programs at Smith School of Business and works with individual or group clients to develop custom solutions for their personal or organizational needs.

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