Succeeding in a tough economy

Laying the foundation for growth
Wednesday January 30, 2013 1:00 PM EST

For many firms, a challenging economy is the time to take on a conservative strategy, and effectively ‘lay low’ while the business environment improves. For me, this has always been the best time to lay the foundation for growth and push the organization into what’s Next. As a hockey coach, I tell my players to move their feet. That movement gives them options and visibility on the situation they don’t have standing still.

The same philosophy applies here. As leadership, we don’t advocate a hunker down approach; we have to be in the game. This attitude and effort drives our company culture towards one of change and innovation. Recognizing the issues presented by a challenging economy, however, I am advocating three little things for leadership to focus on as we seek to differentiate our organizations.

Specific topics will include:

  • How to fine tune your understanding of your best customers
  • How to tune your engine during slower times
  • How to create a winning attitude by setting big goals during tough times

Creating an innovative culture is a long term process, but a path we should never wait to tread. If we don’t start now, we will just be a year older when we do.

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