Strategy Execution

Breaking the Paradigm of Getting Things Done
Tuesday April 15, 2014 1:00 PM EDT

Today’s business leaders face increasing levels of complexity and uncertainty; rapid rates of change, short-term performance versus long-term viability – the task of executing strategies and major projects in today’s business environment is substantial.

Within this environment, the needs of diverse stakeholder groups – owners, customers, suppliers, employees and communities all have to be accommodated in major projects and change initiatives. 

How will you be evaluated as a manager and a business leader? It is unlikely that it will be solely through the quality of your thinking or the analysis that you will bring to bear on problems and opportunities. While these elements of a manager’s toolkit are important, it is almost certain that your evaluation will be based on results, goals achieved, significant initiatives executed, and how well you make change happen. In the end, this is what your customers are paying for. 

Join us for a free, 60-minute webinar dedicated to the essentials of managing change and ‘getting things done’.  

What will you learn? We review three key areas:

  • Aligning strategy to focus on the customer and the creation of value
  • Building execution systems to manage human capital, operational excellence, strategic planning, and performance management.
  • Leadership’s role, and building a culture of execution

Following the presentation will be time dedicated to Q&A with our speakers, aiding in the application of theoretical concepts to your real-world situations.

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