Helping Others Achieve Their Potential

Using emotion and imagination to reach full potential in any field
Free Webinar
60 minutes
Wednesday December 5, 2012 1:00 PM EST

What factors determine whether someone reaches his or her potential?

In this presentation, Dr. Peter Jensen talks about the important roles played by emotion and imagination in helping people reach what they are capable of... their potential.

Peter draws heavily on his work with elite athletes and coaches in presenting very practical ways for making others better at whatever it is they are doing.

Ultimately, it is all about building self-awareness and self-responsibility. Therefore, how you communicate is of prime importance. This is especially true when debriefing performance.

Specific topics will include:

  • How to ask questions, listen actively and give relevant feedback
  • Understanding your impact on others
  • Building trust
  • Using imagery to paint clear pictures
Founder and CEO, Performance Coaching Inc

Peter Jensen is an internationally recognized authority on high performance. Since achieving his PhD in Sports Psychology, he has attended eight Olympic Games as a member of the Canadian Olympic team and has worked with over 70 medal-winning athletes and coaches. He has been the mental training consultant for the past 3 gold medal winning Women's Olympic Hockey teams. He is the author of The Inside Edge, a book that describes how to improve both your personal and organizational performance under pressure, and Igniting the Third Factor, a book on how to inspire greatness in others. Dr. Jensen is the founding partner of Performance Coaching Inc., a corporate training firm. He has been featured on ABC, CBS, CBC and CTV. Past corporate clients include BP, Nexen, TD, Syncrude, Labatt, Hydro One, RCMP, GE Capital, and Royal Bank.

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