Emerging Issues in Global Marketing

Consumers increasingly are going global yet strong sub-cultures still hold sway. How should marketing strategies keep up with the times?
Wednesday July 12, 2017 1:00 PM EDT

Disruptive digital technologies and the expectations of globally-connected consumers are forcing firms to adjust and innovate. Interconnected consumers have broken down the barriers between global and local marketing; as a result, companies must carefully calibrate local, regional, and global multi-channel campaigns. But what happens when global marketing ideas fail to translate to the local level?

In this Global Check-in webinar, a panel of three experts will help attendees make sense of key emerging issues in global marketing and identify risks and opportunities.

Participants will learn about:

  • A road map to going global, based on a case study of one Québec firm’s experiences
  • How to develop a “glocal” strategy that coherently lays out what needs to be globally consistent versus locally responsive
  • How to lead global marketing teams and drive results without losing global brand authenticity
  • How Budweiser grew from a five-country/five different "Buds" brand worth $4 billion to a global brand worth $7 billion

Smith School of Business

Goodes Hall, Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
Canada K7L 3N6

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