Emerging Issues in Global Marketing

Consumers increasingly are going global yet strong sub-cultures still hold sway. How should marketing strategies keep up with the times?
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Wednesday July 12, 2017 1:00 PM EDT

Disruptive digital technologies and the expectations of globally-connected consumers are forcing firms to adjust and innovate. Interconnected consumers have broken down the barriers between global and local marketing; as a result, companies must carefully calibrate local, regional, and global multi-channel campaigns. But what happens when global marketing ideas fail to translate to the local level?

In this Global Check-in webinar, a panel of three experts will help attendees make sense of key emerging issues in global marketing and identify risks and opportunities.

Participants will learn about:

  • A road map to going global, based on a case study of one Québec firm’s experiences
  • How to develop a “glocal” strategy that coherently lays out what needs to be globally consistent versus locally responsive
  • How to lead global marketing teams and drive results without losing global brand authenticity
  • How Budweiser grew from a five-country/five different "Buds" brand worth $4 billion to a global brand worth $7 billion

John is a marketing and brand communication coach with extensive experience in Canada, Switzerland, Russia, and West Africa. John worked in marketing, sales, and brand communications at Nestlé for 26 years and was an ad agency partner for five years in Toronto. He also taught marketing at Ryerson University. John has an MBA from Smith School of Business.

Andrew Sneyd

Andrew is former Global Vice-President, Marketing, ABI Corporate Brand at Anheuser-Busch InBev. Andrew was responsible for the Budweiser brand globally and was the lead marketer working to define and shape the global corporate brand of Anheuser Busch InBev following the merger with SAB Miller. Previously, he was responsible for the Stella Artois and Beck’s brands globally and was Budweiser’s global communications director. Andrew is an alum of Smith School of Business.


Peter is an adjunct lecturer in marketing strategy at Smith School of Business, teaching in the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA Americas and Commerce programs, and is co-founder of the Toronto-based PSD+G Strategy Group. Over his more than 30-year career, Peter has consulted with Natural Products Canada, Canada Post, Yellow Pages, Open Blue Sea Farms (Panama), Aeroplan, and the Greater Washington Board of Trade, among many other organizations.

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