Consumers view businesses as people and their transactions as zero-sum games. No wonder we think they’re are out to get us

Brain scans tell the tale: paying with cash packs an emotional punch

With the automation of many sales tasks, salespeople will need to focus on their own killer app - building relationships
starbucks rewards

When overhauling their loyalty programs, firms can find a way to leave no customer behind and still make money

mass media
Low-budget media channels have a surprising way of boosting the effectiveness of big-ticket TV placements
smartphone home monitoring
Bell, Rogers, and TELUS have been fighting to a standstill since 2013. Instead of continuing a pointless strategy, here’s how they can deliver on a new value proposition
walmart food bank
To reap the benefits of corporate social responsibility, a consistent strategy over at least five years trumps all
friendly salesperson
Friendliness without friendship may undermine customer relationships
A carefully crafted reminder notice, with simple language and a firm deadline, turns corporate lallygaggers into timely taxpayers
Disney crowds
Disney researchers decode consumer behaviour to discover untapped value
Consumers rarely notice when manufacturers position their own salespeople in retail outlets. Those firms better hope consumers don't wise up
For tech firms looking to scale at warp speed, marketers must get engineers and salespeople on the same page

Management consulting is a tough business, with assorted risk and change management challenges to contend with.

Global marketing strategy needs to be balanced with local relevance and response

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