Big Data

data eye

The endgame is to change people’s behaviour at scale and undermine self-determination


Want a more well-rounded approach to using customer information? Let the C-Suite grab the reins

Don’t rely on logic and reason alone. Emotions, expectations, and the environment can all inspire action

Banking with Biases

Why data and behavioural science are a natural fit

A Man Using Cloud Data Analytics

Get these building blocks in place to fulfill the analytics promise

Facts Vs Feelings

Analytics is a hot topic in boardrooms but a survey shows intuition and experience are still highly valued

From the basement to the boardroom: The analytics revolution is returning us to the Marrakech markets of old

Consumers are fine offering their personal information online or through their smartphone; they just want a fair exchange and respect

It can take 15 years for technological solutions to be enacted. Firms can get on the fast track by co-creating value with their customers and competitors

When businesses use reward programs to improve customer experience and value instead of mindlessly mining for data, customers respond in kind

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