google news
The European Union imposed a link tax on news aggregators like Google News. But the EU may be hurting the publishers it seeks to protect
connected nodes
They look like programming tools but they act as a powerful bridge to digital platforms and unimagined opportunities
virtual reality screen
When there’s a faint signal and loud noise, don’t get too far ahead of your business
autonomous bus
The arrival of self-driving vehicles and generational changes in consumer behaviour are forcing automakers to chart a new path
medical monitor watch
A new telemonitoring initiative reduces 911 calls and hospital visits while giving patients with chronic illness the paramedic support when it’s needed
boy with telescope
You can learn a lot from distant competitors that your closest rivals overlook
killing innovation
The practice of buying out the competition just to neutralize potential disruption has implications for both consumers and future innovation
smartphone home monitoring
Bell, Rogers, and TELUS have been fighting to a standstill since 2013. Instead of continuing a pointless strategy, here’s how they can deliver on a new value proposition
bias facial recognition
Innovation is not immune to unconscious gender, ethnic, or other biases. With the dawn of AI, the need to make new products or processes inclusive is more urgent than ever
With the automation of many sales tasks, salespeople will need to focus on their own killer app - building relationships

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