Improvisation, supported by robust IT systems, is one way to deal with disruptions that you just can’t plan for

For tech firms looking to scale at warp speed, marketers must get engineers and salespeople on the same page
big fish swallowing

M&As have a reputation for draining the value of acquiring firms. It doesn’t have to be that way: a long-term focus and deep pockets flip the script


If you need to kill complexity, here’s where you should train your guns

Want to improve the consumer’s experience? You probably won’t find the answer in historical data
Marketing strategy must begin with the question: What is the problem that consumers are trying to solve?

When acquiring a faraway firm in the same industry, companies too often scrimp on the “soft” intel

Want to compete like Apple? Then make sure you have the right technology and a trustworthy alliance network

Is a firm’s strategic direction defined merely by its core competency or something deeper?

How the aviation flashpoints of noise and emissions morphed over time, and what these cases say about organizational strategy

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