friendly salesperson

Friendliness without friendship may undermine customer relationships

paying cash

Brain scans tell the tale: paying with cash packs an emotional punch

Consumers rarely notice when manufacturers position their own salespeople in retail outlets. Those firms better hope consumers don't wise up

A new model that accounts for how consumers view wait-or-buy decisions shows retailers how to harvest higher revenue from deeper discounts

And once we decide who ‘you’ are, we may even survive to sell another day

Retail sales may send consumers to their happy places yet they are increasingly wise to the marketer’s ways

When it comes to products with a short shelf life, replenishing your inventory by instinct alone makes you easy pickings. Time to build your analytics toolkit

The Telus connection was like an under-developed image, its potential never coming through

How a network of value can challenge traditional linear distribution
From disruption workshops to robust action plans, LCBO, Deloitte Canada, and Canadian Tire show show how to play the catalyst role

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