What would it take to develop a patient-centric health record that could be made available to anyone who needed it?

IT and Marketing are not known to play nice together. At Fairmont-Raffles Hotels and Resorts, they are true business partners that deliver value. Here’s how it works

In entrepreneurial firms, IT may look out of kilter with the rest of the business. That is actually a good sign

BMO and CAA show how IT can accelerate innovation and engage with employees and customers

Solid corporate partner, leader of innovation, booster for systems of engagement: IT gets re-tooled for the future

Hard-headed advice on finding and keeping the high performers and building an IT leader competency model

Chief information officers are often considered last among equals, confined to a tactical role. Entrenched stereotypes of IT professionals may be partly to blame

How Workplace Safety Insurance Board and EMC create a fluid yet structured innovation climate that accelerates the ideation cycle and makes solutions-thinking a priority
From disruption workshops to robust action plans, LCBO, Deloitte Canada, and Canadian Tire show show how to play the catalyst role
With IT integral to a firm’s risk management and strategy development plans, CIOs have to learn how to effectively engage board members. Here’s how they can get heard

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