As impact investment surges, social finance practitioners learn that money, conventional metrics, and good intentions go only so far
Cautious investors take note: investment skill does make a difference in the bond market
Angel investors are becoming a greater force in the startup capital market and protecting themselves against venture capitalists. Entrepreneurs can be caught in the middle

The Japanese economy is the third largest in the world and well over double that of the Canadian economy. Despite its economic significance, Japan has been somewhat ignored by investors over the past 25 years, given that the country has been in a recession for much of that time. 

These mid-sized family-controlled firms in Germany bank on trust to deliver long-term value to their investors and communities
As impact investing comes of age in Canada, policymakers struggle to keep up
Is high-frequency trading the most evil finance scheme ever conceived? Ryan Riordan crunches some hard-to-access data and comes away with a reassuring tale
Crowds do as good a job as experts at picking winners, expanding the number of projects that have a chance of success
A Queen’s School of Business panel says growth in 2014 depends on an entrenched recovery that consumers and businesses can believe in
A new measure of corporate social responsibility focuses on access to capital

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