Women in Taiwan undergo hysterectomies at a much higher rate than those living in the rest of the world. It seems a well-meaning public insurance program may be responsible
Engaging the public in the healthcare reform conversation can bolster the political will to act
Adopting a balanced scorecard approach and corporate governance would be a good start
Human resources issues are often the elephant in the room when healthcare reform is discussed, yet they are often at the core of the most intractable healthcare management issues
In the last hour before they clock out, emergency department doctors see their patients less but order more tests. What are the lessons for hospitals?
CAP community roundtable

A Citizens’ Advisory Panel helps Northumberland Hills Hospital make some painful decisions

The role of technology and physician behaviour get a closer look
What form could it take?
60-minutesWednesday, February 19, 2014 - 1:00pm
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Bending the healthcare cost curve in the U.S. — and Canada — will require tough decisions on how to define and measure quality healthcare

A Queen’s roundtable offers a roadmap to put Canada's healthcare system on track

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