This white paper argues that there is room in Canadian healthcare for the private sector that does not impede the goals of social justice or fairness.

This white paper looks at the ways patients are attempt to influence health system change through individual and collective advocacy.

Australia parlayed political good fortune and heavy-duty collaboration into a national healthcare strategy. Canada, take note
Women in Taiwan undergo hysterectomies at a much higher rate than those living in the rest of the world. It seems a well-meaning public insurance program may be responsible

This white paper by Don Drummond, Matthews Fellow in Global Public Policy and adjunct professor at the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University, looks at the impediments to the political will to act boldly on he

Are there credible calls for a national healthcare strategy? If so, what does having a strategy mean, and what form could it take? 

This paper makes a case for the need for a pan-Canadian health human resources strategy (HHR), identifies the key elements of such a strategy, and suggests an implementation plan for aligning the key stakeholders (professional associations, regulators, educational institutions, accredi

In the last hour before they clock out, emergency department doctors see their patients less but order more tests. What are the lessons for hospitals?
CAP community roundtable
A Citizens’ Advisory Panel helps Northumberland Hills Hospital make some painful decisions
The role of technology and physician behaviour get a closer look

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