medical monitor watch
A new telemonitoring initiative reduces 911 calls and hospital visits while giving patients with chronic illness the paramedic support when it’s needed
medical record
A smart national approach would focus on boosting public-private partnerships
home health monitoring
Beyond delivering innovative products, firms need to be more involved in delivering successful patient outcomes
electronic medical record
Truly integrated health IT systems offer better quality of care
surgical teams
A study by Queen’s researchers points to the need for more leadership training among surgeons and their colleagues

This paper looks at the experience of Humber River Hospital and Reliance HomeComfort in developing digital partnerships to accelerate the pace of change.

There is a wide consensus that Canada's heathcare systems are operating nowhere near acceptable efficiency. The authors of this paper argue that the issue is not one of people but rather process.

The regulatory process can give first-mover drug makers a leg up on the competition but exact a heavy price from medical device innovators
“Weak best practices” may explain the high degree of variation in medical practice
What would it take to develop a patient-centric health record that could be made available to anyone who needed it?

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