Piggy Bank in Prison
Firms that operate in countries with weak shareholder protection and low societal trust have more depleted cash holdings
Smaller and independent boards are more likely to get executive compensation right
Too many people view management controls as nothing more than initiative-sapping red tape, and for good reason. It’s time for leaders to treat controls as seriously as they do budgeting or strategizing
Increasing the demands for ever more reporting only undermines the legitimacy of First Nations leaders
checking product
When it comes to quality assurance, management teams with personal stakes in product success do it best
Given that senior executives’ mental health can significantly affect employees, their organizations, and the markets, do we have a right to know about their struggles?
Firms’ international behaviour is often shaped by their home country. What does this mean for setting global standards and being socially responsible?
How a new-style professional group turned an amorphous concept into a must-have business process in only five years
These mid-sized family-controlled firms in Germany bank on trust to deliver long-term value to their investors and communities
Executive gatekeepers are supposed to sit between their firms and investors, monitoring for misconduct. A new study says they earn their keep but equity incentives can roll back some gains

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