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If developers working in artificial intelligence refuse to give users the opportunity to identify, judge, and fix mistakes, then they must be accountable for when biases take over
As junior lenders, bondholders benefit when big banks monitor loans, but the risk of creditor conflict is eventually priced in
protesting modern slavery
Souped-up supply chains and ghostly governance combine to victimize more than 40 million people
growing investment
Closer monitoring and better quality information give some institutional investors out-sized influence on corporate performance
Board of governors
Small public firms have long argued that corporate governance guidelines are burdensome. New research shows these complaints ring hollow
Research shows that dual-employed directors can shift corporate decisions toward their interests, not shareholders’ interests
On First Nations reserves, government accountability requirements sow internal divisions
How organizations account for female board membership can end up marginalizing the very people they want to champion
Theranos was going to revolutionize how blood tests were carried out, reality be damned
Pack of Wolves
Activist “wolf packs” target bigger firms and generate juicy returns

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