starbucks rewards
When overhauling their loyalty programs, firms can find a way to leave no customer behind and still make money
smartphone home monitoring
Bell, Rogers, and TELUS have been fighting to a standstill since 2013. Instead of continuing a pointless strategy, here’s how they can deliver on a new value proposition

This discussion paper offers the key questions that IT leaders must ask when developing a digital strategy.

This discussion paper looks at how IT departments can become more customer-centric. Themes touched on include the need for flexibility and speed; a focus on the Minimum Viable Product combined with continuous iteration; and strengthening the IT-CMO relationship.

The recently identified concept of gamification is a valuable tool that a business should consider when developing and implementing its marketing strategy.

In this discussion paper, Sylvia Kingsmill, National Partner and Digital Privacy Leader at Deloitte, and Kathleen Champagne, AVP Global Privacy Operations and Special Projects at TD Bank, share their views on the role of privacy in the customer experience.

This discussion paper focuses on how IT can help redefine the customer experience. Rob Lanoue, partner in charge of Deloitte’s Customer Experience Practice, provides an overview of how business understands “the customer experience.” Kathy Haley, UP Express CEO, and Robert Power, director of IT&am

In a world in which consumers demand products that cannot be mass produced in the way most business are organized, how will businesses remain competitive? One possibility is a return to the model of days gone by.

In today’s marketing world, brand authenticity involves a brave leap of faith to connect to a social purpose
When businesses use reward programs to improve customer experience and value instead of mindlessly mining for data, customers respond in kind

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