Change Management


Improvisation, supported by robust IT systems, is one way to deal with disruptions that you just can’t plan for


It’s easy for firms to feel overwhelmed by outside forces. They shouldn’t: most challenges brought on by disruption are under the control of organizational leaders


The cultural anchors that prevent a needed sea change in strategy

Don’t rely on logic and reason alone. Emotions, expectations, and the environment can all inspire action

Is a firm’s strategic direction defined merely by its core competency or something deeper?

Oshawa shows how lean principles can begin to transform local government

Toronto Pearson Airport undergoes an enterprise-wide IT transformation
Right-speed IT offers the flexibility to respond to customer needs

And once we decide who ‘you’ are, we may even survive to sell another day

Al Etmanski

It’s not enough to bring your social enterprise to the mountaintop, says a veteran change maker. You have to work with existing cultural habits and put your ego to the side

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