While design thinking has been associated with technology firms and start-ups, it is powerfully attractive to managers and leaders at established organizations such as retailers, banks, or government departments that are not necessarily based on technology yet are in the midst of change.

From an innovation charter to skill-building opportunities, these are the steps to take to surface and act on great ideas
older and younger workers
Intrapreneurs have feet in two worlds and it’s up to leaders to help them stay balanced
A deceptively simple technique to break a paradigm

This discussion paper is based on the proceedings of a CIO Brief meeting focusing on the process of idea generation.

A Queen’s team designs a new search engine that provides just enough faintly-related results to trigger novel ideas

Sometimes, you need to be able to force the development of an idea, and storyboarding is one way to do it. It's a variation of brainstorming, which is rarely done well. Think about the last time you were in a group idea process.

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