woman barcoding
By relying on intuition to make inventory decisions, firms are leaving up to 20 percent of their profits on the warehouse floor
walking on train tracks
We are in the middle of a winner-take-all industrial revolution powered in part by artificial intelligence. Many of our leading companies and employers are blowing it
store closing sign
AI-powered algorithms can scan loan applications for words that are red flags
computer team briefing
Look for these roles and overlapping skill sets to start capitalizing on the analytics revolution
starbucks rewards
When overhauling their loyalty programs, firms can find a way to leave no customer behind and still make money
mass media
Low-budget media channels have a surprising way of boosting the effectiveness of big-ticket TV placements
Banking with Biases
Why data and behavioural science are a natural fit
A Man Using Cloud Data Analytics
Get these building blocks in place to fulfill the analytics promise
When a new movie or book is rolled out in different formats over time, how do firms get the biggest bang from their advertising and viral campaigns?
Want to improve the consumer’s experience? You probably won’t find the answer in historical data

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