travel frustration

Does fierce competition lead to better quality products and services? The evidence in the airline industry suggests it does

pulling plug

The practice of buying out the competition just to neutralize potential disruption has implications for both consumers and future innovation

big fish swallowing

M&As have a reputation for draining the value of acquiring firms. It doesn’t have to be that way: a long-term focus and deep pockets flip the script

Syndicates of diverse private equity firms can overcome the institutional barriers to cross-border leveraged buyouts

When acquiring a faraway firm in the same industry, companies too often scrimp on the “soft” intel

Is a firm’s strategic direction defined merely by its core competency or something deeper?

Pack of Wolves

Activist “wolf packs” target bigger firms and generate juicy returns

Holger Kluge on the big deal between Shoppers and Loblaw and the importance of a handshake

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